Friday, September 17, 2010

Palm Trees

Unfortunately, the painter of this image was not printed on the back of the card. What a pity, since I like this one.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

Go on and read the legend of the sand dollar, it's very interesting.

Couriosity killed the cat

Don't you love the expression on this cat's face? It looks like it's about to jump any moment.


It took me a bit of researching, but these are orchids. They looks very different from the orchid in my room. I'd like to have a plant like this one, mine never has more than one or two flowers.

Hello Kitty

There's a haiku printed on the back of this card:

Entranced by the koi,
I did not hear you approach-
won't you walk with me?

Anne Geddes

An Anne Geddes postcard.

Russian folk costumes

These traditional dressed come from the Ryazan region in Central Russia. Thanks, Olga, for this interesting insight on Russian culture.


The painter of this picture, T.K. Sallinen, was Finnish. He created "Riitta" in 1911.


The only Moomin card in my collection so far.


I'm a huge fan of red poppies. I don't know where this photo was taken, but I like it.
The quote, by the way, is from the bible.

Yellow card

Another colour RR card, this one in yellow. The illustration was made by Andrzej Tylkowski.

Happy red card

I'm not sure what Okaidi is, but this card was sent for a colour RR and I love how red it is.


A selfmade card with an eagle to represent freedom.

Fashion design

The sender of the card told me that they used to make their own clothes as a child. This postcard fits the theme very well.

Happy Bunny

The Bunny looks so happy that just seeing this card puts me in a good mood.

Strawberries Number 3

I've been thinking about starting a strawberry collection, just because I seem to receive cards with them quite often. This one is nice because it has an unusual shape.


I can't identify the flower, but I still like this card.


Does anyone here speak Dutch? Could you please translate the text on the card for me? Something about a fish swimming fast, as the sender translated, but that's all I know and my Dutch is not good enough to understand the second line.

Greeting Card

This is actually a greeting card, but since I received it through Postcrossing, I decided to include it here. Plus, it looks nice.


Look, it's Snoopy! Very nice card sent to me from a Japanese postcrosser.


Isn't the cat cute?

The Miracle that brings us together

This beautiful image is called "The Miracle that brings us together" or "Ime mis meid ├╝hendab" in Estonian. The artist is called Navitrolla and I'm very happy about having received this card.