Friday, August 5, 2011

This is Debeli Rtic in Slovenia. Nice looking coast, isn't it?

The vestibule of the metro station Kiyevskaya-Koltsevaya in the circular line in Moscow, Russia. I wish our metro stations were that beautiful!

This is Howth, a small place north of Dublin, Ireland.

What a beautiful ship! The picture is titled "Herzogin Cecilie" and was created by Hakan Sjöström in 1902.

This is the Mangia's Tower and Field's Square in Siena, Italy.

This is such a beautiful fairy postcard!

A Russian map. I really like those dolls where you can put one into the other.

You see? New Zealand's not Down Under, we are...

This is an old painting showing Antwerpen.

My second postcard from Newburyport, Massachusetts. Funny how I got two from the same American town, completely independent from each other.

This card shows springtime in the Ventana Wilderness in the USA.

This stamp postcard shows Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon, USA. It replaces a previous tower that was destroyed by erosion and is visible from a distance of 21 miles.

This is the fog over the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, at the American coast.

Nice! A boat postcard from Slovenia. They've got beautiful blue water there.

Wow! This card is from Mongolia and shows a nomadic herder moving house using his yaks. What an interesting way of life. Could you imagine moving like this?

I had just added this card to my favourites when I already received it. This one shows a German stamp.

I've already mentioned that I adore panoramic cards, haven't I? This one is really nice. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't go with the trend and start a heart collection...

"Relaxing?" A nice postcard. I love books and I like the atmosphere of the picture.

Ah, look, it's Harry Potter!

Wow! This card was sent to my by someone going on holidays in Paris. I loved the movie Moulin Rouge and I absolutely adore this postcard!

This is a beautiful winter view from Germany. Yes, we sometimes do have nice winters here.