Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh wow, a stamp postcard sent to me from Australia.

Isn't it beautiful? This is Fushan Botanical Garden in Taiwan.

This is the view from the Reunion tower in Dallas, Texas.

A stunning postcard showing Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado, USA. This card is very special to me as it was sent from the United Nations headquarters and has some very cool stamps!

This is a picture by Salvador Dali.

This is the museum of local history in Severodvinsk, Russia.

Russian metro stations are always beautiful. This one is in Moscow, "Nowokusnezkaja".

This is a lighthouse in Urk in the Netherlands.

Oh, look, two rubber ducks.

What a funny cartoon!

This is Timisoara in Romania.

This is a plant that grows in Norway.

A beautiful multiview card from Cordoba, Agentina.

This is a great card from Egypt showing everything that lives in the Red Sea.

A postcard showing Agios Lazaros Church in Larnaca, Cyprus.

This is a picture called "Contest".

Be jealous of this awesome Pirates of the Caribbean card!

A postcard from the British Hostorical Association, sent to my by a school class.

In the Belukha Mountains in Russia. This is the Karaturek Pass.

Snowy Bern in Switzerland. Isn't it nice there in winter?

This is the opera house in Bayreuth, built in 1745.

You'd think that this photo was taken somewhere in the Caribbean, but it is in fact from Italy. Beautiful sandy beach!

Such a beautiful postcard from Finland!

My penpal sent me this horse postcard.

This is the statue of King Kamehameha in downtown Honolulu. He is draped with lei every year in honor of his birthday.

This is Brown County State Park in Indiana, USA.

I would love to tell you where to find this boat but unfortunately, I can't. If anybody knows which country this is from (it was sent from the Netherlands), please let me know. :)

I had this postcard in my favourites for a long time and was very happy when someone found it for me.

This is Kenting National Park in Taiwan.

Ah, Gryffindor for the Quidditch cup!

This is the American TV show Trueblood.

This is from a portuguese movie called "América."

Marlene Dietrich in "Blonde Venus".

A bunny suicides card. Ouch, this must hurt!

This is the Zagunao River in China.

This is a Ukrainian postcard. The words read: "Sarah goes and takes all that she needs."

A nice postcard showing a couple at the beach.

This is Torun in Poland, a UNESCO world heritage site.

This is the Shuyin Pavillon in Shanghai. It is one of the few old buildings that still remain in the city. Once, it has been owned by the great scholar Shenchu. What a shame that those old buildings are slowly disappearing!

Ooh, a Harry Potter card. I love those!

This is a Maori Warrior from New Zealand.

Yay! I've travelled a bit along Route 66 so I loved receiving this postcard.

I've always had a soft spot for Chinese postcards. This one shows why - most of them are so extremely beautiful!

A ship in a bottle. This beautiful panoramic card was sent to me from Finland.

I'm not sure what exactly is shown on this card. Something out in space which looks really, really awesome!

Okay, so this is really a flyer and not a postcard but it's Pirates of the Caribbean and therefore really cool so I decided to add it.

Haha, I absolutely love this one. I got it from Canada.

Wow, isn't that Intercession Cathedral in Kizhy in Russia beautiful?

Sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates.

An amazing Harry Potter card: