Monday, July 25, 2011

This is the lighthouse in St. Peter-Ording in the north of Germany.

This is New York's midtown skyline.

This card from Spain shows the San Pedro church in Gijón, the second largest city of the Asturias province. In the middle ages, it was called "Gigia".

This is the Umpqua Lighthouse in Douglas County. It is located in Oregon, USA.

How nice! A knight just like from a fairy tale.

A postcard from Belarus. That country celebrates Victory Day on May 9th, in memory of the Great Patriotic War where every third Belarusian died.

This is Guanwu National Park in Taiwan. The scenery in that country is simply stunning!

Wow! Those mountains in Kyrgyzstan are truly beautiful.

A more or less traditional house in Malaysia. In any case, it looks very inviting!

This is a very old postcard from Germany, showing the south of the country.

I just love the expression on the girl's face!

Those flowers are a symbol of China. Very beautiful!

These are pictures from along the coast of Fuerteventura, one of the seven Canary Islands.

This postcard shows Kazimierz, the old Jewish district in the centre of Krakow, Poland.

This is Mount Fuji in winter.

Sibiu Hermannstadt in Romania was the European capital of culture in 2007. The images show the Town Hall Tower, the Lies Bridge, the Evangelic Cathedral and, at the bottom, the Large Square.

This is the America's Cup Triumph with the ships Australia II and Liberty. The stamp on the front was stamped on the first day of issue so it's very special.

"Wanna go for a ride?" This card was sent to me from Finland.

A candy postcard sent to me from the UK.

This is the City Park "Stefan cel Mare" in Chisinau, Moldova.

Alphonse Mucha created this painting called "Zodiac" in 1896.

This is the lighthouse Aniva in Sakhalin at the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia. I love all postcards from that Series "Lighthouses of Russia".

How awesome! A card about Pirates from Nassau in the Bahamas.

Wow, such a beautiful snowy owl that has just hunted down a Mallard Duck.

This is an American stamp postcard for Aids Awareness. Very cool!

A beautiful sunset in Poland.

Oh, look, a whale. I love whales!

This is the stadion in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Oh, I love this red fox! This card was sent from Spain, but it comes from Estonia.

This card shows the lighthouse in Murmansk, Kola Bay at the Barents Sea in Russia.

This is the railing of the Summer Garden in St Petersburg, Russia.

This card has a lot of details to discover. How many birds can you see?

This is the Wellington Boat Harbour in New Zealand.

This is the Argut River in the Altais, Russia.

The nothern lights in Lapland, Finland.

Welcome to Singapore!

This is the town of Barcs in Hungary.

"A recipe for happiness:
Take a spoonful of the moment, blend it with straight sunshine or undiluted moonlight, whichever is handy, and add just a dash of sweet memories... Occassionally top it off with a bit of daydreaming - for special occasions."
- adopted from By The Spoonful by Kellene Giloff

This very cool card shows Indian lions, all female except the one on the left. To be honest, I didn't even know there were lions in India (I thought they only had tigers). Postcards can teach you a lot about the world ;)

This is in Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

This is Mihailo-Arhangelskaya's Church in Novocherkassk, Russia.

This card is so cool! It was sent to me from Lithuania and is handmade. I feel so special that someone made it specifically for me.

If anybody knows where this is, please tell me. The card was sent to me from Russia.

This is the cruiser "Aurora" from Russia.

Red poppies are the national Ukranian flower.

Now that's a cool cow postcard!

A beautiful fairy postcard.

This is the ship "Druzhba" on which the Russian Emperor Nicholas I travelled. In the background, you can see the skyline of Kronshtadtd.

A beautiful Chinese postcard. Does anybody know what this city is called?

This is the lighthouse on Borkum, an island in the North Sea.