Friday, September 24, 2010

Der Gratulant

"Der Gratulant" (the congratulator) by Carl Spitzweg

The little girl

"The little girl" by Henri-Clairy Hembert. On the back of the card it says that this was foot-painted. If that is true, that man can paint better with his feet than I can with my hands.

Ancient Egyptian A.B.C...

Wow! This is such a cool card! I absolutely love it and am so happy about having received it from my parents.


"Little Gift!" I love the Tigerente (the tiger duck), a character from a German children's book.

London Affairs

This postcard actually came from Germany. It's pretty cool for an ad card, especially since it was sent to me by a close friend.


Nice, isn't it? This town (the most northern one in Germany, by the way) reminds me a bit of home.


The Algarve in Portugal, sent to me by a friend who went there on holidays.

Costa Brava

I've got a lot of postcards from the Costa Brava in Spain, sent to me by my grandparents, and I love every single one of them.

Greek Islands

A very beautiful postcard from Greece, sent to me by a friend who went there on holidays.


I'm so lucky! I got two postcards from my parents when they went to Southern Germany on holidays.


A postcard from the Bodensee in the south of Germany, sent to me by my very nice parents.

Birthday card

Thank you, Steffi! I love this card I once got for my birthday.