Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This postcard shows Hue in Vietnam.

Vatican City

A postcard sent from Vatican city.


Look closely at the picture in the middle. It shows a wooden structure on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. See the man jumping down? That's where bungee jumping was invented. People on Pensecost Island build these towers and jump down with vines tied to their feet because it proves manlyness and brings luck for good crops.

Thank you, Jenny, for this great postcard and the explanation. Everyone go and check her blog:

Gulf Coast

Very beautiful sunset over the Gulf Coast in the United States.


This is a postcard showing the fireworks on the fourth of July in Columbus, USA.


I really like this card. The farm in Iowa looks so peaceful.


It amazes me how many postcards I've got from Hawaii. These waves look very nice!


Georgia's motto is 'Wisdom, Justice, Moderation'. Wise words, indeed. I find it interesting that there seems to be a state everything. State nickname (Empire State of the South), state song (Georgia on my mind), state motto as mentioned above, state flower (Cherokee Rose), state tree (Live Oak), state fruit (peach), state crop (peanut), state bird (Brown Thrasher), state shell (Knobbed Whelk), state fish (Largemouth Bass), state insect (honeybee) and even state gemstone (quartz).


A map card from Arizona, which is also nicknamed the Grand Canyon State.


As I already mentioned in another post, I got the chance to visit Boston this spring. It's a very nice city, so I'm happy about this card.

Mount St. Helens

This is a postcard from mount St Helens in the USA. It's quite a bit smaller nowadays than it used to be.

Washington D.C.

This card shows the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Death Valley National Park

Did you know that Badwater Basin is situated 200 feet below sea level and therefore the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere?

Florida dolphins

So nice! I saw some dolphins this summer, they're amazing creatures.


The Big Sky Country. I like skies, especially with nice sunsets like this one.


This card shows downtown Indianapolis in Indiana, USA.

Washington D.C.

A very nice postcard showing the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol in Washington D.C., USA.


Did you know that Michigan is nicknamed 'The Wolverine State'?


This looks like just before sunrise. Very nice picture from Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

This is one of my favourite postcards ever. The pueblo looks very nice. People still live there as their ancestors did nearly 1,000 years ago - without electricity or running water.


I like the information this card from Massachusetts gives. See the one at the bottom? Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897. I've been there, it really looks old and made crazy noises. Good thing Boston is a city that it very nice to discover by foot.

University of California

This card shows the University of California at Berkley.


A postcard that features the Lewis & Clark Motel in Bozeman, Montana.


From left to right: Saguaro cacti in winter, London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, desert in bloom, Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tuscon


Look! A map card from Florida.


This card shows one of the nine covered bridges that still exist in Illinois.


This postcard shows a really nice beach in Florida.

New York

A painting showing a Christo project in Central Park in New York.

Blue Ridge Parkway

A very nice card showing the Blue Ridge Parkway in the USA.


I had no idea they raised sugar cane in Louisiana. In fact, they provide 15% of the nation's sugar.

Malibu coast

The coast of Malibu in California, USA.

Yellowstone National Park

This card shows the Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, a geyser that jettisons hot water into the air every 60 minutes since its discovery in 1870.

Dolphin in Hawaii

Random fact about bottlenose dolphins: When they are curious or at play, they blow a bubble of one continuous circle of air called the "Silver Ring" and will play with it until it reaches the surface.


A postcard showing Ohio.


Blow holes in Hawaii can be found on several islands. They're the result of waves crashing against the shoreline and into a lava bubble with a hole in its roof, thereby creating a huge geyser.

San Francisco

You cannot see this, but you can feel the writing when brushing your fingers over the card. Very neat!

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Wow! What an amazing sight, the eruption of a volcano.


Isn't this beautiful? Three views from Texas.


Columbus is the second largest city in Ohio, USA.


I love hot air balloons! This really cool postcard comes from Pennsylvania, USA.


The sender of the card took the photo herself. She lives in a small town called Thomas in West Virginia.


This card shows the Pike Place Market in Seattle in Washington, USA.


The National Aquarium in Baltimore houses over 6000 animals. See the glass pyramid on its top? It contains a tropical rain forest with bids and small animals.


Spokane is located in Washington in the United States of America.

Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, USA and blooms from March through May.

New Orleans

The Riverfront in New Orleans in Louisiana, USA.

San Antonio

The Riverwalk is also known as Paseo del Rio and stretches along for 2.5 miles through San Antonio in Texas, USA.


A map card showing the county of Essex in England.


I love fairs! The Goose fair comes to Nottingham every september and is set up on forest grounds five minutes outside town.


This postcard shows the Sultanahmet Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and a part of Istanbul. Look at the sea in the background that runs through the city.