Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woman in Garden

Unfortunately, there's absolutely no information about this painting on the back of the card. If anyone knows the title or the painter, I'd be very happy if you could let me know.

The Dance

This painting is called 'The Dance' and was created by William Bouguereau in 1856.

Everly Brothers

This are the Everly Brothers, a pop duo that, apparently, has been and still is quite successful. I haven't heard of them, but that's not a surprise. I rarely know anyone who's famous for having made music.
The sender wrote a quote on the back:
"Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place."
- Josh Billings

Children's book illustration

The text says, "You can't find happiness by searching for it, you'll find it living your life."
That's very true. The nice picture on this card comes from Rudolf Koivun, one of Finland's first and most influential children's books illustrators.

Lord of Magic Potions

I got this postcard through a private swap that I arranged because I love this picture. This is Ossain, the lord of magic potions.

Flight from heaven

I like the title of this painting by the Finnish painter Outi Heiskanen, 'Pako taivaasta' - 'Flight from heaven'.


Sheep. Lots of sheep. Very nice postcard from Finland.

Fabric postcard

My first (and only) fabric postcard so far. Thank you, Marlene, for this handmade gem.

Plymouth Harbour

Argh, what did my postman do to this card? It shouldn't be all that hard to get a postcard through undamaged, should it?
In any case, this one shows Plymouth Harbour in the USA very early in the morning.

Worst-Case Scenario Handbook

It doesn't sound all that hard to escape when being shot. This postcard will be very useful should someone try to kill me with a gun in the future. Which, I hope, won't happen, but you never know.

I've fallen in love with this postcard and if anybody has some for trade, I'd be very, very happy if you left me a comment.

Strawberries Number 4

Another awesome strawberry card (did you know that they're called 'mansikka' in Finnish?).

Handmade postcard

I feel special! Here's another handmade postcard that someone created for me.

Sunlit Garden

You might know the painter of 'Sunlit Garden'. His artist name is Robert Girrard, but I've heard of him as Thomas Kinkade.
The sender of the card shared a wise quote with me:
"A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion." - Chinese proverb

Life is a huge bunch of little things

On the back, this beautiful card reads, "Elämä on iso nippu pikkuasioita" - "Life is a huge bunch of little things"

Finnish - suomeski

Still one of my favourites, this postcard was given to me by a friend. Those of you who don't speak German or Finnish won't understand a word, but I think this small dictionnary is very useful.

Women In A Garden

Women in a Garden was painted by Claude Monet in 1866.

My foot fell asleep...

"My foot fell asleep, woke up again and is now preparing himself a cup of coffee."
"I dreamed I was wearing a woman's shoe."

Nice cartoon postcard I got from Germany.

Handmade postcard

Another great handmade postcard, this time from Mike in Michigan. Thank you very much, Mike!

Handmade girl postcard

I love handmade postcards! This one is from Ali in Australia and I'm very happy that I got the chance to receive it.

Ship painting

A very beautiful ship painting from Finland. If I understand correctly, the artist is Minna Kortit, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


The croton is part of many hedges in Hawaii. Very nice picture of this plant.

My own photo

This card was made off a photo I took myself for a swap on swap-bot, if I remember correctly. There's a haiku written on the back:

Meditation in motion
Jogging on the beach,
earthbound pounding - how I wish
I could sail away

Thank you very much, Suz, both for the card with my altered photo and the poem.