Friday, October 1, 2010


Not far away from me lies the town of Wittenburg. Thank you for the card!


Such a great city! I've only been there once and wish I would have had the time to explore it properly. This card comes from my parents who have been there on holidays.


Students from today are being prepared in school of yesterday by teachers from the day before yesterday for the tasks of the day after tomorrow.

Birthday card

Look, it's the mouse! "Glückwunsch" is German for "Congratulations".


A very nice Christmas postcard (yes, I have a huge backlog of postcards I need to upload; I didn't receive this one today but last year).

Ghostdriver ...

Careful, Ghostdriver!


Those bears are so cute!


Oh wow! I love this beautiful Christmas postcard.

My mailbox ...

"My mailbox is hungry!"

Don't panic!

"Don't panic ... I'll get you out of there!"


This card shows Lisboa in Portugal. Thank you so much, mum and dad!


"Reason can tell us, what we should not do. But the heart can tell us, what we have to do."
 - Joseph Joubert


This isn't even that far away from me. A great postcard from Rheinsberg in North-East Germany.


A map postcard from Girona in Spain.


A postcard from S'Agaro at the Costa Brava in Spain. I love the colour of the water. You can't see it on this picture, but the clear water above the rocks is the perfect place for snorkeling. Hundreds of fish live there!

Costa Brava

Another beautiful postcard from the Costa Brava in Spain by my amazing grand-parents.

Cala Millor

A postcard from Cala Millor on the Spanish island Mallorca. Just look at all the hotels next to the beach!


A postcard from a lovely village next to the Baltic Sea.